We’re open for browsing again! This rules! In case you missed the update, our new hours are 11-7 Wednesday thru Sunday. We’re taking book donations through August 1st, and we’re mostly looking for new or classic literary fiction (general, sci-fi, mystery), poetry, science, drama, philosophy, new or classic cookbooks, & memoirs.

So what does this mean for VUBE?

We had brave, beautiful hopes for being able to run VUBE as usual while also having the store open, but there are only so many hours in a day and I only have so many brain cells (one). We’ll be continuing semi-weekly Ramona updates, Regulars Recommend, and book reviews. If you want to write a Regulars Recommend, email us at We’d love to feature your spicy book takes. The general tomfoolery will continue on our instagram and facebook @unchartedbooks.

This means that while paid VUBE will be finished for the time being, we’ll continue to send out the fun book and dog related content you know and love :) If you got the year-long membership, worry not! We’ll be in touch with you later this week. We can’t thank you enough for your virtual support during this wild time and we look forward to seeing your IRL and getting all the very good and very weird books into your hands!

We still have our sweet merch up on our Threadless if you dilly dallied on a Don’t Talk to Me Before I’ve Eaten My Book mug and we have a bunch of very very soft Ramona T Shirts for purchase in store. We’ll give u $5 off if u mention the Super Exclusive VUBE T Shirt Discount!

We’re also going to be expanding our mystery box offerings for those of you who aren’t able to get to our physical store due to distance or caution, so keep an eye out for that! As always, you can order new books for pickup by giving us a call or by checking out our bookshop page.


Tanner, Mattie & Ramona