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And a bunch of Edward Gorey first editions!
In which the store is a museum of our customers' literary exes, and Kate feels old
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The most challenged books today aren't just well-established classics, but vital new work on race, gender, and sexuality
A walk through the part of the store that everyone skips
Is it incredibly powerful, or is that a feel-good delusion? Yes.
Your Guide to Uncharted (Books) Territory
all aboard the book rec train!!
Hello, friends! We are very excited to announce our first rare book catalogue. You can download it here:…
Hello, friends! As we head into another shutdown, Uncharted Books will once again be closing our doors for browsing in the interest of public safety. W…
Today we have a regulars recommend from delightful regular Jason Rubin! Jason usually can be found playing board games, baking flourless chocolate cake…